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NYT: Educational Video 8 Sunday Matinee

Filmed On: 03/07/2022

This video is being produced in High Definition and will be released on both DVD(Standard Definition) and Blu-Ray(High Definition).
If you don't know what the difference is, or don't know if you can even play Blu-ray Click Here to find out more.

All care is taken to ensure the best quality product is achieved with the video capture taken on the day. Lighting changes, spotlights, sound changes, affect the quality of the finished product.

To ensure the best capture of each show, three camera angles are taken and the best quality of each is used.

We have no control over the running of the performance. Lighting and sound may change between rehearsals, when we do our checks, and the end show.

We cannot therefore guarantee a 100% successful video capture of any performance.

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