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The item I received is not the item I ordered.

Provided the item is unopened and in mint condition we'll replace the item or provide a full refund. To receive your replacement or refund you must return the original item to EvansProfessionals Video Ltd. We will ship your replacement product within 1-3 days in some cases there may be a pre paid courier bag included to return the faulty product for testing. If this is the case please use the instructions included with the package to order a pickup.

The item I ordered was damaged in transit.

If your item was damaged between leaving EvansProfessionals Video Ltd and arriving at your delivery address, you will receive a full refund or replacement. Please call Aramex or Courier Post to organise a claim unless otherwise instructed. They will organise to collect the damaged parcel from your address, along with the original packaging, and once the damage has been verified your return will be processed. This process can take up to one week. Please note that for your claim to be accept you must retain the original packaging for your item(s), and the original packaging material used to deliver your order e.g. the courier satchel or delivery box.

The item I ordered arrived faulty or didn't work as intended.

Please contact with EvansProfessionals Video Ltd to let us know that there was something wrong with your order. In some cases we may ask that you return the item for testing. If this is the case we will send you a pre paid courier bag. If we believe that the item was damaged before leaving us, or was faulty out of the box, your item will be repaired or replaced by Evans Professionals free of charge. A refund may also be offered in some circumstances. In this case we may only ship the part of the product that is faulty(E.G If there was an issue with the DVD we will only send you a replacement DVD). So please keep all items until your replacement has arrived.

The item I ordered did not arrive

If your item did not arrive the first thing to do is request a "track and trace" on your item from the Fastway or Courier Post web site.
Go to the Fastway or Courier Post web site
If the "track and trace" on your order indicates that it has been delivered, but you're unable to find it, we will start an investigation with Aramex or Courier Post on your behalf.
Regrettably, neither EvansProfessionals Video Ltd nor Aramex nor Courier Post are able to refund or replace items that have been lost, damaged or stolen after being delivered to your property provided that delivery instructions are followed. If you are concerned about leaving your items un-attended we recommend using the "I Would Like To Sign For My Package (Free)" option that is presented in the Checkout.

I've changed my mind and no longer want the item I ordered.

Change of mind returns can be processed as long as the item is unopened and in mint condition. The shipping for the return will also be at the cost of the buyer. Once we have the item in hand we will inspect the item and if everything checks out OK you will refund your purchase less costs incurred.

I've had my item for a while, but it no longer works as described.

We will assist where possible with the repair or replacement of faulty items as described in the Consumer Guarantees Act. Malicious\Accidental damage will not be covered.
EvansProfessionals Video Ltd is fully committed to protecting your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act. If you have any questions please contact us.

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